May 1, 2009


If band's like Tyvek are the bright & clever head of the class students in the modern of school of Wire Pink Flag teachings Milwaukee Wisconsin's Crappy Dracula are the freshmen who are always getting swirlies and being thrown head first into lockers. A barrage of bright & brittle Telecaster bursts, burping bass lines and marching band drums going way off the route of the parade snaps & bangs crash together in overmodulated 4 track glory. Many moments of angular goofing that culminates in what has to be accidental brilliance on their side's 2nd song "Application" (sandwiched between the nerd punk conniption fit of "Hospital Waste Management Facility Party Tonight" and a faithfully battered take on Guided By Voices "A Good Flying Bird") where it's a Pabst drunk Red Crayola before they changed the spelling of their name. Interestingly the band spells their name The Krappy Drakula on this record. I've been assured that it's just in coincidental and I shouldn't put so much thinking into trying to figure out if their are any cryptic messages/secret motives that the band may have because it's giving them too much credit.
Even if their sound is a tad more orchestrated and "together" than that of Crappy Dracula-Farms In Trouble share similar aesthetics and possibly the same tape machine too. "Employment History" starts off their side in a carnivalesque manner. Something like the Hollies or the Zombies-if those bands were the children of traveling carnival workers that is. It's then followed by some proto-robot-funk and finishes with a bit of Skip Spence/Syd Barrett whimsy/psychosis.

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