May 8, 2009


Hayseeds. It's not just an American phenomenon. Anyone who lives in areas away from the bigger cities have them. Ain't nothing wrong with being a hayseed. They wanna hoot & holler on a Saturday night just like anyone else. In the coastal towns of Norwich, England the hayseeds gotta lose their minds to Beast With A Gun. Dust gets kicked up, rotgut gets slammed back, bottles thrown, ladies get kissed and punches fly. Two songs of bendy twang and punk rock bang.
The Slim Limbs are perfect partners in crime when it comes to the type of mischief Beast With A Gun are looking for. Where Beast With A Gun are somewhat hyper and happy go lucky-Slim Limbs are broody and blunt. Their song "Queen Of The Mist is something like the Necessary Evils slowed down by a mudslide and accented with mariachi horns. They don't sound like the types you would want to put behind a late night drive through the woods though because they probably know some places where some very, very unfriendly farmers who use chainsaws for most of their work live.

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