Apr 7, 2009

v/a "Shiftless Decay" LP

Not a week goes by where I don't have I'll be having a conversation about music and someone will wanna discuss the "Detroit scene". They'll start talking about whoever and eventually I have to interject with something like "You're hitting on things that happened almost 10 years ago now. There's different kinds of sounds happening now."
Trying to explain what those different sounds in way some such folks can comprehend isn't always the easiest thing to do. Pumping up old blues and soul riffs and revving up car motor's that was "built just up the road" are not much of a modus operandi here. As a matter of fact it's most likely the farthest thing that could be cited when the record plays.
Subtitled "New Sounds of Detroit" it's more about the sounds of pistons seizing, the crumbling of rust and playing in a wasteland of contaminated soil and strewn with broken glass and rusty nails. From the cement truck converted into a spaceship Hawkwind hiss of Human Eye, the antsy prog-thrash trash of the Terrible Twos and Heroes & Villains loaded with wobbly and unsafe undercurrents 60's pop psych to Tyvek's Pink Flag era Wire bathing in hydrocloric acid, Sesame Street on ritalin hardcore of the Mahonies and the Through the Looking Glass nightmares of belt sanders feeling from Little Claw-not only does the comp sum up the sounds within but also encapsulates an overall aura of today's Detroit. Disheveled, negleted and overgrown with ratted weeds and smelly fungus but still breathing, not afraid to fight and leaving impressions be them disturbing or oddly interesting that will stick long after the moment.

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