Apr 2, 2009

Stone 2009 Old Guardian

Ohh man. Barley Wine. They don't mind letting you know who's boss if you aren't careful with them. Be them sweet or bittersweet or bursting with bright fruit flavor or a straight up hop sting their, if done right, well hidden high alcohol content is something that should always be taken seriously. You may think you're just sipping on some fancy made ale then BAM they'll lay some hurt down on you when you're aren't looking. The power they pack can sneak up behind you and whack the back of your noggin. I must always remind myself to proceed with caution when indulging in one which is probably the reason I only brave them a couple of times a year.
Dark orange amber in color. Dashes of strawberry, molasses and dints of medicinal alcohol in the aromas. Brown sugar malts are right up front in the flavor along with a bit of with a bit of strawberry jam and plums. The body seems a little lighter than some barley wines I tried in the past but creamy and a little sticky too. An oily pine & peppery hop bite kicks in the end contrasting the sweetness. Overall it's somewhat understated as far a barely wine is concerned but because of that a lot easier drinking than some of the others that are out there.

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sanilac brew bead said...

I'm not too much of a barley wine fan but this is pretty good.