Apr 20, 2009

the HUSSY "Winter Daze" 7inch EP

"How can a band so small make a sound so big?" We've probably all seen it used how many a number of times by now when discussing a two piece band? Is it really all that puzzling? Ya turn it up and rock it out. The trick is though doing something more with it after that step to keep it from being tedious. Madison, Wisconsin's the Hussy have figured that part out.
Songs big on beats that make you want to clap along in a drunken head shake/hips sway rhythm. Bobby's bangs out '55 meets '77 rockin' guitar blang and calling out lines in a slight Sprechgesang way trading off with Heather's cheap wine soaked bad girl she-howls while she knocks hard out a beat. The energy is high through every song. Yes, they are loud...and yes, they are working from the garage punk playbook that many a band before them has done but there's a character here that makes the band burn bright with a particular charm and flair.

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