Apr 14, 2009

GUINEA WORMS "Lost and Found" and "I.K.W.W.F.L." 7inch

Sounding somewhere between a medicated street preacher and a philosophy professor giving a lecture that classmates are either inspired, confused or frustrated-Guinea Worms chief Will Foster has a lot on his mind. Things seem linear for minutes at a time but then the tangent shifts into a completely different direction. You never know where it's going next.
On the a-side of the Savage single "Lost and Found" asks the musical question of where to lost things go over a wrung out and spidery bit of Devo in a mudslide weirdness. The flipside's "Jeans and Heels" is akin to listening to a rave-up trying to get out of the gate but is staggering on it's feet due to a just received slow motion pummeling.
The "is it autobiographical or is parenthetical" musings of "I.K.W.W.F.L." (abbreviated form of I Know Where Will Foster Lives") is antsy and anchored by the JB's horn section if they were a 6th grade band class is side one of the latest installment of the Columbus Discount singles club. "C.H.U.D." is swamp boogie moved to a backyard of mud and a rusted out car or two.
Each record the Guinea Worms has put out has had something different to offer. It doesn't sound as if their genre hopping cuz everything they do has a particular peculiar squiggly touch that they're claiming their own. Wondering in what odd place they end up next.

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