Apr 4, 2009


Sounding like an orphan who bounced between the foster homes of Billy Childish and Mark E. Smith before eventually stowing away on a ship that eventually docked in port port somewhere along the deep south in the US Dan Melchior has always found a way of doing a convincing balancing act between the abstract & arty and the down & dirty.
"Mr Oblivian" is an exercise in such an act and what a good one it is. His Medway Delta foghorn of a voice bellowing while Das Menace supply the likes of a New Orleans funeral band bent on bitterness and organ grinder music. Since there are no carnival instruments handy they emulate the sounds to the best of their ability with whatever beat up guitars and drums that were lying around. The flipside's "Piledriver Nightmare #2" slowed way down swamp rock can get some thinking the Cramps meets the Country Teasers but in the end there's a stamp (or is that STOMP...or maybe even stumble) that is Melchior's own.

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