Mar 29, 2009

TEENAGE LOVERS "Number One" 7inch

The topic of teenage love has been part of the pop music idiom since there's been a pop music idiom. Most of those songs though have been written by people a long time gone from high school by the time they penned them. Sure, such songs can take one back to their days but they usually end up being candy coated and the times looked back upon with rose colored glasses. They then find some youngsters to get into a recording studio and direct them how they want the song too sound because after all who really knows what a teenager likes, thinks and feel than someone well past their teenage years, right?
It's all smart business sense. Kids and the minivan mom's that drive 'em to the mall want something polished. Something that seems like their very own private soundtrack that they share will millions of others and wont offend grandma when she comes around for Sunday dinner. Parental units don't want to hear about about primal urges, desperation and frustration coming out of youngsters mouth's when they're asked how their doing. They want to hear something that makes them say "Oh, that's so sweet" so the cycle of old guys (with who knows how many pervert intentions) directing teen pop product continues.
What's the alternative to it? The new power pop doing business under the name Emo? Are the screaming bits are some veiled tribute to Peter Brady's part in "Time To Change" then? Come on! Not everyone who has trouble with remembering the combination to their hall locker can be swallowing that....can they? Honestly, how many of those guys with their mugs posted all over the walls of Hot Topics and in the pages of Alternative Press (who, by the way with so many print publications folding, surprised me that they were still even around) are still in their teenage years. Do the kids realize that old folks are telling them to turn it down not because it's too loud but because it stinks? Where are the kids full of uproar, raging hormones, uncontrollable boners and unrequited lust? You know...Both the rock AND THE roll?
Teenage Lovers is Smith Westerns guitar brat Max answering such questions. Gangly and awkward the girls turn their noses up him and pass him by. It's puts a burning sensation inside him that only the right girl (or even just a piece of ass) can soothe.
Wit the feeling of Wreckless Eric going a 10 miles a minute "Number One" has spelled it out to a young lass he's trying to court as the tune goes fizz-pop's itself loud & mutated new wave territory guys like Jay Reatard have been traipsing though. Just when you think the tale of summer romance will have a happy ending, the chick dumps him and he's back at school feeling all alone and pent up again. "I Wanna Be Your Boy" turns up both the wanting and the distortion resembling something I wished more bands sounded like in high school but instead getting stuck with Duran Duran. Imagine GG & the Jabbers in sparkly outfits.

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