Mar 4, 2009

the SWEET SIXTEENS "She Said Alright" 7inch EP

This is the now sound that all the teen's are going nuts too. The thing is though that it's a thrift store now sound and it's the teens of Mars that are bugging out to it.
"Sixteens Theme" blast off to the stars where DEVO uses the Nuggets boxset as a template but then a South City-like budget rock sound of yore comes and gum's up the works. Wobbly samples, b-movie space organ, snot nosed singing sounding like it's recorded in the middle of party where the snack bowls are filled with Shock Tarts. "She Said Alright" jumps all around in a Chuck Berry damaged Ramones working at the carnival where they found an organ player who only knows how to play thing on the BLARE setting.
The other side's "When The Sun Comes Up" is a much different change of pace from the other two blasts of outerspace RAH! RAH! RAH! Tick tocking rhythm, light strummed and hardly distorted guitar. The lyrics could actually be introspective but I doubt it because it drips with smart ass-isms. Young Marble Giants without Alison Stratton recorded an unreleased single for Rip-Off? Nah, maybe not that much but don't be surprised if the Sweet Sixteens actually toyed with the thought.

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