Mar 8, 2009

SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY "Time Is Racing" 7inch

If there's ever a vote to name a band who's picked a name that fits their sound in the last few years expect a lot of ballads cast for Spirit Photography. Creepy, haunting and maybe looks down some people's noses for "believing such hokum." Let's not forget though as Roky Erickson put it "If you have ghosts-you have everything."
A drum machine thumps like unexplained noises coming from an abandoned mansion's stairsteps starts off "Time Is Racing" while a tangled guitar blares like a howling wind. Or is that JUST the howling wind? After all, it could be a ghost and you refuse to believe it. Then a voice reminiscent of Ian Curtis warns that time doesn't slow for anyone. Wait! Ian Curtis has been dead for years. Maybe his ghost is speaking through Spirit Photography though.
"Into the Heart Of" looms like a dark, cold and wet cloud hanging over a procession. Not a wedding procession of course but a funeral. Dressed in black and oh so somber. No, not something a lot of people would consider feel good music though quite fitting for those that like to walk through cemetery's late on foggy nights to ponder their thoughts.

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