Mar 20, 2009

the PINK NOISE "Gold Night" 7inch

Their Myspace page claims they're psychedelic. Now, some bands like to jokers with the genre selections given to to them. The Pink Noise's second choice is "other" and they don't bother to pick a third. No Crunk. No Acousmatic. No Melodramatic Popular Song. None of that nonsense. Just Psychedelic and Other.
It isn't that Grateful Dead noodling in a meadow for 16 hours psychedelic. It isn't white corduroys, paisley shirts wrap around shade banging a tambourine and singing about tangerine clouds and purple oceans psychedelic either. This is where the other comes in. It's the psychedelic of bored teenagers scoring rangy microdots from a beat up Chevy Nova driving dude who can hardly grow moustache for a few buck a pop then going back to lock themselves in the basement with Suicide, Devo and Silver Apples records and wait to see what happens.
"Gold Dust" takes a 50's bop and runs it through a bank of wires & circuits, buzzing and blurting all with electric hiss and synthetic blurt.
While it's being Jukebox Baby's little sister with ADD "Prince Charlies Revenge" ungulates with Throbbing Gristle unsettling throb,vibrates with broken up beats borrowed from Prince's 1999 album and takes them both lurching in a vapor lit fog.

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