Mar 2, 2009

Founders Dirty Bastard Ale

Most of you loyal readers have been around here long enough where I think I can be a little candid with you. I'll admit that there have been times in the past where consuming too many beers perhaps made me want to fight. Y'know...The whole young and stupid thing. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who's been through it but let me ask you this. How many beers has anyone once here had where it's telling you it can whip your ass just by reading the label? I'm informed here that this brew "ain't fer the wee lad. And if it's too strong fer yer silk wearin', poodle walkin' arse. then it's back to the loch with you, nessie."
Nope, this stuff ain't messing around.
Murky reddish brown in color with nary a head to speak after a few seconds save for a thin layer that crowds around the edges of the glass. Butterscotch and smokey caramel are the main aromas. Smells all rich and inviting-not something that seems to want to beat ya up.
The flavor on this brew is HUGE! Big smokey malts are the first thing to great you as they take on the caramel and butterscotch characteristics that we're first detected in the scent. The brew itself is quite full bodied but with just the right amount of carbonation. The more you sip the more the flavors deepen. Hey, what do you expect from a brew made from 10 different malts though? I'm nibbling on a slice of Gouda here & there between sips and the two are a perfect compliment to each other.
As the brew warms up it's hop profile brings out a whole 'nother level of complexities. It seems the finish is where the surly Scotchman on the label gets all his fire because though the over 8% abv is very well hidden it's not all all hard to go through a few of these, stand up and go "Whoa." A deceivingly delicious mellow sipper that will whip you ass in the end if you aren't careful.


Sam said...

What do you think about the scotch ale the Quay makes? Is it just me of is it kinda shitty?

sanilac brew head said...

Scotch ales are a tricky proposition but the Founders ones are really good.

I know the question wasn't directed towards me but the scotch ale at the Quay needs a lot of work.

Anonymous said...


This was my fav. beer of the spring.

Also some great tune suggestions.