Mar 12, 2009

the BUZZARDS "Shiver" 7inch EP

Since the intermingling of band members in the Detroit Rock scene is so common place it doesn't take much for some to throw out the word SUPERGROUP when talking about about the line up of every other band in the city. No big deal really. Folks share a lot of common ground so why not make some kinda noise together ya know? Problem is though when citing supergroups for every....umm, I know there's gotta be a couple that are actually worth citing there's too many Asia's, Damn Yankees and The Firm's that come along to taint the positives of such projects.
Featuring Mary of the Detroit Cobras, Joe of the Dirtys and the hot rockin' Paterra sister Leslie & Nancy (and later Nick Lloyd of Dirtys and Seger's Liberation Army as a 5th member for live gigs) the Buzzards are a rock-n-roll supergroup in a good way.
"The Shiver" is a shaker about imbiding too much and remembering very little from the night before which should be blasting out of go-go bars and strip clubs from here to Estonia (expect that is if you're in Estonia then it should be jamming from there to Brazil). A slinky guitar lick pilfered (but credited too as well) from James Österberg snakes it's way over the high test exhaust fumes of low rent parties and a the fancy aromas of one step away from jet set. Both sets clap their hands and stamp their feet. By the time Joe shouts "Awww Right!" if they haven't already figured out the party has started they will know by then. "Desperate Baby" is a smoked basement where the dj the Saints Stranded and totally hyper scratchy 60's country soul sides through a speaker that's hardly holding on handling it. This slab ends with a dipped in Detroit tarnish take on the Mouse and the Traps raver "Beg Borrow and Steal."
A supergroup you can dance too? You got it!

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