Mar 14, 2009

BLACK PANDA "Shake Me" 7inch EP

The book on mentally mangled sounding punk rock and it's even more mentally mangled sounding singers is has been pretty damned dogeared. There's a world of clowns out there thinking their grunt & groan, howl & yowl, slur & slobber is gonna resurrect Darby Crash's ghost and it'll tell then what to do next.
Then there's Yoshi in down in Austin, Texas. It sounds as if he has some of Darby's polyps in a jar and gargles with them. Or maybe's it that Turbo Button that Japanese rock-n-rollers have. They push it and everything gets put way over the top. Then he takes shots of hot sauce to temper it. Growling, gurgling, slurring, scowling. The band spewing out a '78 punk thing dragged through the motor oil sludge of later Black Flag. Everything slathered in sickness and reeking of sour humidity.

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