Feb 17, 2009

SANDWICH “Assisted Living” 7inch

What's up with Columbus and it's group of old coots that can still have something more interesting musically going on than a great portion of musical instrument wielding groups half their age? There's Jeff Evans (Yeah, I know he's Memphis based now but wasn't always), Mike Rep and Ron House who is heading up the sounds going on on this particular, which just happens to be one of the most recent installments of Columbus Discount's Single of the month series, record.
A soaking wet Morricone meets space/psych/surf reverb twang but don't expect to ride out some tasty waves and bask in the warm sunshine as the song progresses. Those swells may seem sweet but there is something unknown and disturbing that lurk underneath and take little time to surface. Then the serpents, both imagined & real, tug at your senses and flail at your body. The sounds starts to batter around in every which way. Creepy keyboard blurts and Ron's nasally voice alternating between disturbed barking and downright crooning just add to the weird palatial mood thrown into a tizzy.

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