Feb 2, 2009

MIKE REP & the QUOTAS "Songs the Grackles Liked" 12inch EP

Oh, those grackles. Hardly is there any bird that's abundant in this part of the country that people either dig 'em or can't stand 'em more. There is no middle ground when it comes to them it seems.
Some will talk about their shiny colors, the ability to (sorta) mimic the human vote and how they eat all the bugs. Others will complain and all the noise they make and how one of them notices you got a garden growing a bunch other will show up and trash the place in hardly no time flat.
Mike Rep musical legacy gets a similar rap. There's people that can recite his entire catalog and discuss at length the genius behind them. Then there's others that just shrug, don't get it and write him off as your garden variety musical weirdo that every city of an average size has. I've personally watch someone eject people from a party for not seeing the brilliance of "War of the Worlds" and "Rocket To Nowhere". No, I wasn't the ejector not the ejectee but that may give you an idea of the twain's never meeting.
With this record though it's possible those twain's could decide to switch positions. The overt strangeness on some of Rep's more noted records has shifted to a couple of cases of beer and off to the garage to jam root rock in a salvia haze experiment. Nope, you're not going to get the blatantly bizarre Rep sounds of the past-which is easily understandable considering some of them date back to the mid 70's-over 30 years waling this planet probably has had a slight normalizing effect. Only one of the four songs on this EP, the Cheater Slicks drinking from Crazy Horse's well "Lemuria", is penned by Mr. Hummel and on the surface one might thing it's a kinder/gentler and maybe even more "responsible" Quotas offering but even if this is their stab at Americana it still off-kilter & socially uncomfortable enough where the "next big thing since Whiskeytown" isn't going to be asking them to go on tour with them. Think of this as an extention of the Harrisburg Players EP, most of them make up the band for this go-round, that Columbus Discount put out a couple of month ago and it'll help put you in the mindset of what's going on here.
Oh, those Grackles. They're so misunderstood.

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