Feb 28, 2009

LOST CONTROLS "American Action" 7inch EP

Hoosier transplants (including Cody of the Horribly Wrongs in their ranks) take the Greyhound to Austin Texas to see what kinds of mess they can make.
"American Action" sounds all Midwest punk rock no matter if these guys are now living in a place where they actually get to see the sun on most winter days. Globs of Gimzos goofiness, a mudcake of Toxic Reason's attitude (well, the stuff they did where didn't try to sound too British that is) and some of that meathead in a Camaro rock that know matter how hard ya tried to avoid it still seeped into the blood system from the massive saturation of it hanging out on a small town Saturday night. "When I Die" is like Wreckless Eric being dragged through a musty record store that stocks only Killed By Death comps and "TABC" is a loud, loutish and drunk rocker dedicated to who else but the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commision and the ways they are the Man trying to keep 'em down.

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