Feb 7, 2009

the GET OFFS "Airplane Fight" 7inch

Based off their name alone if you were to think of the oodles of bands that appeared during the 90's garage punk boom who (self) released one or two singles that placed in a fair amount of MRR's writers monthly top 10 lists it's understandable . It's just one of those kind of names. If the name doesn't do it though the sleeve's artwork with it's not quite straight lined CHARTPAK® rub off lettering might make ya think it anyway. No problem with me really cuz some of my still favorite records from the time were of that exact ilk.
Side one's "Airplane Fight" though only reminds me a little of that era though. Sure, it's has basement budget production values with just a couple of catchy chords and has the requisite snotty/bored singing but there's something about the lower impact volume approach here that makes it sound even more addled than the hyperactive chainsaw 2 minutes-n-out workouts from those days of yore. Somewhat awkward and not trying to pretend they're any cooler than they actually are. It's got it's charm. A night out drinking with them one of them might even tell you that the b-side's "Drunk" stemmed from the idea of the Television Personalities being played by KISS if they sounded more like the Kinks and you'd have no reason not to believe him.

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carson said...

some of those 70's & 80's kinks albums don't sound much different than Kiss