Feb 25, 2009


As a cartoon craving kid back in the days of just 3 TV networks a majority of the animated fun was found on the local independent stations. They weren't all that high budgeted stations and may have lacked a full book of advertisers because of it. To fill space they would run public service announcements and spots for non-profit agency. One of the one's that seem to be ran all the time were for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. With clips of kids my age at the time with cancer and other catastrophic diseases they always freaked me out. You never saw any adults in the any of the scenes (except for maybe a nurse and at the end Danny Thomas talking). I, like most kids, didn't really dig going to see a doctor in his office let alone a hospital. I was afraid that if you went to a hospital if was because you were probably gonna die and because of those they wouldn't let your parents visit you. All you had was maybe a nurse and Danny Thomas. Seriously, I had nightmares about it.
Now here it is many years later and a part of the A-Frames/Intelligence contingent release a record that rouse the impressions again.
Though this record dabbles in ambient figures the album's opener "Roots", lightly strummed bass knob turned up muted guitar pattern and a whispery female voice floating about, is the closet thing to unsettling. Next is the spidery guitar slashes sounds like they fell out of the sky straight from Manchester 1978 and beats that are covered in cobwebs called "Unseen". Some tracks like "Preschool Of Atonement" and "Word of the Prophet" could be off to dreamland with lullaby voices and floating in space keyboards and washes of sound but there's blurts, crackles in static that is it's going on while in deep sleep you awaken in a bothered and strange mood the rest of the day. Others like "If You Find Me I'm Here" and "Blue/Green Algae" a sear your eardrums whirls of distortion and clangy rhythms akin to listening Chrome's Half Machine Lip Moves and Voice of America by Cabaret Voltaire at the same time with volumes fluxuating from barley noticeable to piercing. More than a few times does an icy isolation send shudders up the spine.
So how will the sleep tonight be?

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