Jan 13, 2009


From impressions noted in recent occasions there seems to be some kinda backlash started by some concerning these Texas jitter-punkmeister's. People here and there getting a little bent out of shape because it sounds as if the 2 minute geek punk tunes the Wax Museums do were written in about the same amount of time. Find something about everyday things that fuck with you/piss you off/waste your time to rant about over panicky 3 chord (if yr lucky) bursts of noise. It's punk rock mission that plenty of malcontents such as the Angry Samoans, Electric Eels and the Circle Jerks (which seem to be the main reaction's people give me when I play 'em the band for the first time...And, yeah, you can hear elements of all of them in the Wax Museums) set on and set down. Obnoxious and perhaps a little more than juvenile and & emotion blaring out. Sure, the band isn't going to involve you in deep thought with their lyrics and songs structures. After all they're called the Wax Museums and not the Brain Surgeons or the Rocket Scientists or something like that. Have you ever been to a Wax Museum? It's not like any of them are sacred halls of intellectualism loaded with brain candy. They're just something dumb and maybe fun that might ellicit an "ohh" or "ahh" out of you. Just like what the band are shooting for. You want some kind of artsy brain in your music? I'm sure there's a used record store somewhere within a not too far driving distance that has some Talking Heads albums for a couple of bucks each. I'll sit hear and wait for you to get back. I'll be listening to this album the entire time too.

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