Jan 10, 2009

Southern Tier Hoppe (Imperial Extra Pale Ale)

Everyone's got their preferences & tastes but there's a really split opinions on what Southern Tier brews. Some get all excited with everything they make and seems there's just as many who completely rail them. Being that this is, save for a couple of sips of something different they make at a party one evening, the first Southern Tier I have tried I'm wondering if it's gonna be a Heaven or Hell situation with no middle ground.
Pours light and clear orange in color. Watching a lot of bubble rise to the surface after it's poured the head grows to about a fluffy half inch head then slowly melts away again leaving a healthy amount of lacing. The aromas are sorta muted but traces of honey, citrusy hops and caramel like malt characteristics can be found.
The hops are much, much more up front in the flavor. Very much grapefruit and pine notes hit the tongue and wake everything up on the tongue and down the throat. The first few sips there was a little too much of a spiky metallic jab in the back end. As it's adjusts a little more to the room temperature though it seems to mellow out and the honey sweetness come a little more to the front somewhat balancing out some of bite and hiding away some the 10% abv kick that we're way noticeable through the first third of this medium bodied and higher carbonated brew.
It wasn't quite Heaven but it's not close to Hell either. I'll try some other Southern Tier stuff down the road.


JD said...

Southern Tier just average? You're nuts! They make some of the best beer ever! Maybe you should get out of your Michigan beer brainwashing and drink some actual great beers.

Dale said...

Yep, Maybe I am being brainwashed by Michigan beers but I could be because Michigan makes some great beers.
Where did I say Southern Tier was "just average"? What I did mention is that there seems to be a lot of split in opinion on what people think of their beers so I hoped for the best and anticipated something much less than that. It ended up being a good brew. Nothing to make me declare "This is the MOST AWESOME beer ever" but nothing I was about to pour down the drain.

carson said...

i think if jd lived in pennsylvania he'd probably defend Iron shitty beer just as much knowing he's wrong but standing on principal

jd said...

WTF is that suppose to mean? I don't live in PA or CA. I just know Southern Tier is better than those Michigan beers the dude always sings praises about.