Jan 16, 2009

the RANTOULS "Chug A Lug" 7inch EP

Take the Ohio Express knack for the feel good head bopping a-bop-a-bop and apply it to the Redd Kross aesthetic. Yeah, It's nothing earth shattering new. After all Redd Kross already did it on albums like "Third Eye" but I'm talking about when they were still known as Red Cross and where singing about the things that discontented but still want to party teenagers sing about.
Clap your hands together and sing along to an infectious beat that's not played but studio cats who look nothing like the cartoon caricatures but by 3 shaggy but dapper looking thrift shoppin' smart alecks that would never be let in a fancy studio. Just barely Mid-fi sounds with plenty of nasally crooning singing and soaking wet reverb guitar lines. The kind of band you'd hope to hear at a beach party where everyone is broke but they managed to afford the spike the Kool Aid with some vodka and scored enough bottle rockets so no one goes empty handed.

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