Jan 14, 2009

the LINDSAY "Dragged Out" CD

Columbus Ohio’s the Lindsay tried to do something a bit different from the prog rock norm, they mixed actual melodies and lyrics one could almost sing along to with distortion, fuzz and out-of-tuneness. The idea wasn’t bad, and the result…well, I’d have probably liked it better if I were a stoner.
I once saw Broken Social Scene. It wasn’t a bad show, in fact I enjoyed it a lot. At least, the first two hours of it. But around the two-and-a-half hour point, I literally fell asleep. It was just too much. It all started to sound like one long never-ending self-indulgent song that would never be kind merciful enough to end.
And that’s where the Lindsay go wrong with their release “Dragged Out.” Not by being bad, but by being too self indulgent. If someone had yanked the plug on their amps 20 seconds sooner each song would be a lot tighter. I like fuzz, I like distortion, I like some experimental trippiness now and then. It certainly beats the hell out of self-love guitar solos. But there’s a point where it either needs to A. go in another direction, B. end, or C. become tedious. Unfortunately, the Lindsay selected option C. It’s still enjoyable, listenable stuff, good enough to make them worth seeing should they ever be in my approximate geographic area. But self-indulgent, and it shows more and more as the cd progresses. While still finding them good, by the end of the seventh song - with three more to go - they reminded me of Broken Social Scene…because I just wanted it to end.
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carson said...

the broken socail scene scen attracts a lot of chicks. maybe that the problem you have

Danko Ramone said...

Nah, I've never found attracting a lot of chicks to be a problem in the slightest. In fact, I quite enjoy it.