Jan 1, 2009

the GOTHIEFS "Hongkong Rocks" 7inch

If there ever was a band that wallowed in worldwide obscurity but found itself having a cult success in an odd little town a million miles away with absolutely no connection to the band it had to be the shine that Port Huron, Michigan took to Germany's Superhelicopter. The band packed in a few years back now but you can still hear their tunes blasting out at the right kind of parties in the town and from time to time still even over it's radio waves. It had been assumed that they all died of aneurysms because how long could a band live sounding like a Lemmy on the biggest meth binge of his life take a chainsaw to the Oblivians stomp without their heads eventually exploding?
Obviously longer than anyone expected cuz Superhelicopter's chief mutilator Nils has broke out of whatever institution for the criminally insane he was locked up in and has now unleashed the Gothiefs out on an unsuspecting public. Two songs where a blood splattered wall of feedback gets holes kicked into it with more feedback and throat shredding screams. Take a couple of the sickest Brainbombs records, play 'em at double their speed, run 'em through a 200 watt amp with all the gain tuned up, soaked them in gasoline and the most archaic ideas of what caveman garage punk is (whatever it even really is these days) and you have something akin to what is going on here. No one is left for dead because that would be good meat going to waste. Skinned alive is more like it.

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carson said...

ever wonder what johnny sombrero is up to these days?