Jan 26, 2009

FUCK KNIGHTS "Kristina" 7inch EP

Hmmm. Judging from their name I'm guessing they sound like Hall & Oates, right? Or maybe Captain & Tenille. Some laid back but rockin' jams to sit back in the La-Z-Boy a zone out to after work?
So imagine my surprise when I put the record on. There was no groovy sax and there's no way Ted Templeman had anything to do with the production of this record cuz the Fuck Knights aren't laid back at all! Dirtbag garage punk in the now classic 90's sense of the word.
Hyperactive and bouncing all around blaring three chord banging with the singer spending most of his time in the red line trash that pays homage to the 60's but doesn't care to sit around and play dress up because it's been proven that jumping in a time machine is corny. They just wanna play loud, probably get drunk and maybe get laid (or get arrested trying). Nope, They aren't coming close to re-inventing any wheels but then again I had a conversation today with someone who was telling that the most innovative band EVER was Tool. I listen half a Tool song once. I would've listen to the whole thing but I already wasted 10 minutes for something to happen with it then realized I could listen to record like this 3 times in a row in the same amount of time instead.