Jan 9, 2009

DINOSAUR and the MISSING LINK "After the Fashion" 7inch EP

Though I was in elementary school when punk rock's first wave hit and was more concerned with what the Fonz, the Six Dollar Man and the Incredible Hulk were up to than whatever the next hip music trend was-if someone were to play me this record way make when I would KNOW it was punk rock. Hell, even the first time I heard the Ramones and the Sex Pistols a couple of years later I thought they were cool loud rock-n-roll but they sounded just like that. Cool loud rock-n-roll. It didn't seem as special ed class reject and falling to pieces as I had played it out and imagined in my head after gathering what I could glean from Cream and Circus magazine at the time (and though Creem magazine could pin it totally spot on most of the time-it can't be a secret of how inept Circus could be unless they were reprinting Styx and Foriegner press releases by that time. Hell, even Hit Parader's "New Wave" special issues were better than them). Granted, I still fell in love with the stuff which most likely set me down the path I chose to follow but y'know it was loud rock-n-roll and I couldn't understand why people we so pissed off about it at the time. Of course in hindsight it's obvious that the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac were to blame for such attitudes.
Now to say that the kind of thing that Dinosaur and the Missing Link are doing is what I was imagining may be a little bit of a stretch because I have ingested boatloads of weird and nasty sounds through my ears for many a year but not that much of one. Think 154 era Wire if they were a duo who knew less chords but played them much more choppy along with waaay serious adenoidal afflictions and a handful of Ritalin. A flailing spastic orgy of something from the arty side of punk rock's fence that rolls around on broken glass showing that their not master's degree candidates just having some kinda intellectual lark. Those who aren't sent fleeing from the confrontational spazz outs here probably still end up with blood on their clothes and bruises on their psyche.


Anonymous said...

Punk is merely an attitude.

RAJ said...

Circus was pretty fucking gay. Remember Lou O'Neil's backpage? He has got to be the only 70's rock scribe who's name doesn't come up in the first 3 pages of a Google search.