Dec 3, 2008

the YOUNG "Get Out Of My Face" 7inch EP

Hotwired and ready to explode punk rock from the post Reds/Marked Men damaged landscape that is Texas punk rock. Yeah, It's a big state and though the two bands weren't all that close geographically there is a similar hi-powered lo-fi punk rock-n-roll threads that run through both of 'em too. The distance thing makes sense too cuz, though both have antsy elements to 'em, where the former sound very meticulous at times the Young are a lot more about no brained abandon and a heart pumpin' gasoline.
Four pissed off blasters that spew contempt & disgust in all directions. A sandblasted guitar sound that manages to throw some catchy powerpop rocks at your noggin with a rhythm section that at moments borders on thrash band concussion tempos and a singer who sounds like his whole vocalizing technique from listening to nothing but the Rip Offs during his formative years.

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