Dec 16, 2008

the WITTDRAWLS "Paranoid Delusions of Grandeur" 7inch EP

When I first saw what label this was on I thought maybe I was in a time warp. "Black Lung? The label that put out Candy Snatchers, Nashville Pussy, Hookers and Halfways singles about a decade ago?"
Yep, the same one. Seems they've been a little active of late. Given that this band (who apparently broke up right after this was recorded) includes Mark Death of the Halfways on vox & guitars and the record is dedicated to the memory of Candy Snatchers Matt Odietus who passed away earlier this year the label is reintroducing itself in a way it should.
Jabbers era GG slime singing with a bit of a '77 Brit snarl over a sick boogie of Crime/Stones affection. The Humpers Scott "Deluxe" Drake does best Johnny Thunders better than Johnny on the lead off track "Strung Out (And Left To Die") setting off this four songer into an evening of broken beer bottles, pills that get passed from pockets to pockets, ladies that are up to no good then a morning after trying to piece together that parts that've been blacked out.

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