Dec 11, 2008

V/A "the HARRISBURG PLAYERS: Volume One" 7inch EP

"Recorded somewhere between 1798 and yesterday by Harrisburg-area musicians and their cohorts" according the liner notes this Mike Rep & Tommy Jay involved project shines a light on some of the music coming out of a central Ohio hamlet with a population of 332 people.
Small towns always have a reputation of a breeding ground for a particular kind of weirdo and the place this music comes from ain't no different.
Tommy Jay starts off this four song EP with "No Place"- A Lou Reed acolyte in a Dylan sitting in the kitchen with a friend or two and recording it on an telephone answering machine.
The General, who plays bass on "No Place", then is backed by Tommy Jay in a vocal/guitar only duo on the Chrome goes (almost) Unplugged (almost cuz Tommy's UFO crash guitar sound has to be produced by electricity) "I Did It". Nudge Squidfish's "Jess" woozy country shambles along & lures ya in. A lullaby that take things to some very dark and creepy places. T.A. Lafferty closes the record out with "Take It To The Father". He bangs on the guitar, blows the harp and has a Lou Reed thing going on in his vocalizing too but also digs some the Move psych move's in the choruses. They're are piled up in a four track tape, decayed and degraded into into magnetic scratches. Mike Rep's on organ. Tommy Jay's on guitar & drums. I've been lost in many a rinky dink village. Hell, my great-great grandfather was one of the founders of one. No, not the town I live in. I'm talking really rinky dink ones. Never wanted to hang in them much other than people watch for a few minutes. Observing life in Harrisburg, OH might be interesting for a couple of hours though.

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