Dec 18, 2008

the SHIRKS "Dangerous" 7inch EP

Ya know what band it would be cool to have around still? The band from Indiana called The Problematics. Had their Rip Off single (Yes, One of the one's with the b-side) on the record player the other day actually. Turned it up and rocked it out. Played it like 4 times in a row I think. It's just one of those loud-n-speedy big hooks trash punk slabs that hits it on all cylinders.
Like all the best punk rock bands, the fuse fired quick, they blasted off fast and blaring then exploded leaving pieces scattered all over the place. Former Problematics Al Budd landed in Washington D.C. and was doing who knows what til him and some dudes got together and decided to bring some of that REV! REV! REV UP A SATURDAY NIGHT! action to a town that needs it. Well, actually every town NEEDS that stuff but some don't. With the Shirks being around the land of where epitome of "THE MAN" decides our fate everyday stalk the buildings. Three songs that don't let up in that now coined "Punk's Third Rail" world where Teengenerate adjusted our stereo settings and the Devil Dogs had a syndicated TV show that has made their faces more recognizable that Sha Na Na's. Taking all the things that make a rock-n-roll song catchy then poking it with 50,000 volts is something that these kids today (well that is the rare kids that even play something that is even anything remotely related to real Rock-n-Roll) forget to do. The Shirks sound as if they're on a mission to remind us all.

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