Dec 6, 2008

the PRAMBATH "I Will Walk My Own Way" 7inch

The record itself has gotten be one of the coolest looking ones I've seen in quite a while. It looks like splotches of pink frosting were dripped and flung the sandwiched between to slabs of clear vinyl.
The tunes kinda have a splattered with globs of pink frosting quality to them too. Then it's pressed between the same kinda of things that have give the tart carbonated blare to Japanese female membered rock-n-roll bands that have come before them like, off the top of my head, Supersnazz for example had going on.
What's that theory that everything that goes on in the western world gets put through a turbo button once it hits Asia?
The pop POPS louder!
There's bright colors even brighter and colorful!
Bass playing singer Chihiro Isadora's voice takes the speedy & squeaky silly J-Pop ditty, then rocks it out and somehow makes it sound even more unusual. Makes ya almost wanna check the pitch button on the turntable if you weren't too busy leaping around like a goofball when it's playing like my 12 & 9 year son's, cuz they lose their minds too anything "cool Japanese thing that rocks (Hey, the 12 year old was rocking out to Teengenerate when he was newborn. I'll take the blame)", do when this gets spun.

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