Dec 27, 2008

MISS CHAIN & the BROKEN HEELS "Lies" 7inch

It's fr-fr-fr-freezing cold right outside as I sit and type but as this record plays the skies turn from their winter gray to a bright summer blue and the cold white blanket of snow that covers the ground changes into it's vibrant summer greens. Who knows how Asstrid, the Barcella brother hip shakin' rhythm section and Mr. Silva He of the Rock Action manage to do such things in the sparkle pop magic way they do but like all magic it's much more fun if you allow yourself to believe it than to be a grumpy party pooper always trying to dispel things.
"Lies" is has "Break Up Song in the classic Girl Group style" stamped all over it. All the unnecessary ruffles are done away with for something a little more simple but just as stylish. A cool hook that stands alone in the introducing then bright and banging with out being too brash midtempo dance bop joining in. Tender but tough words about boy loses girl/girl gets new boy/boy can't understand why girl left/girl tells him why. Where are the Casey Kasem's of the modern world sending this out as some sort of backhanded long distance dedication across the airwaves of the world? It's a warm up track for side two's "He's Your Boy (But Could Be Mine)", a cautionary tale to American girls (Watch out! Your boy may be next), all bouncy and featuring a Real Kids thinking about Chuck Berry type of guitar solo taken to bent string twang outer limits.
There may be another 5 feet of snow dropped on this town over the next few weeks but it's like the middle of August when ever the Broken Heels are coming over the speakers.


Slik said...

They are so much fun live. I hope they come to the US again.

Dale said...

Me too. Such awesome fun people to hang around with (not to mention an awesome fun band to watch and listen to as well)