Dec 26, 2007

LEFT ARM "Dissatisoul" CD

A crappy name (unless you are a Mudhoney tribute band) and an ugly front cover but the sounds inside kick some ass! Big dumb hard rock with a totally punk rock attitude. Chicks will always treat you wrong but rock-n-roll will always save your soul! I know that so they are preaching to the choir but that's the reason I chose it as my church. I'm gonna put this in my truck's CD player and run every red light on my way to the liquor store way on the other side of town. Do you need a lift over that way? Shut up and hang on. Just remember-NO ONE RIDES FOR FREE!


j said...

Glasses do not rock. if you have to wear them on stage is one thing. On an album is another story. They do realize the reason why Buddy Holly wore those glasses is because there was no other option. Bob Burns doesn't even wear his glasses on stage anymore (speaking of which-where's a review on his new CD, huh????)

dOCTOR wAYNE said...

they're okay. nothing more, nothing less.