Dec 9, 2008

JAPANTHER/the PHARMACY split single

Poking a group with the pigeonhole "noise rock" doesn't make the impact it once did. Maybe it's because the description has been so blown wide open and left to interpretation that everything from Grandpa Lou's "Metal Machine Music" static & drone to modern prog rock bands like Battles to really loud & lo-fi pop bands like No Age & Times New Viking get pushed into standing under the same umbrella. I'm guessing it all roots on whatever the was the first Sonic Youth album first or something.
Japanther is one of those bands that get's the term pinned to them. Not being to familiar with most of their stuff though, judging for this record this reviewer would put them in the 3rd category from above. Well, maybe not at first with it's looped out snare-n-bass crackle/punk-funk fuzz bass lick pattern and sample from a film I'm pretty sure I know but can't quite pin it...then BUURRRRZZZZZ!
But not a "NOISE ROCK" BUURRRZZZ! A big, loud and overdriven ball of hiss sing-a-long clamor BUURRRZZZ! is more like it. Like bubblegum with glass slivers in it "Not A War" is all chewy but will things will probably get messy. No matter though cuz you'll be busy bopping your head to the Archies filtered through a bank of obsolete buzzy electronic gizmos chorus.
Pulling out moves like a joyous but cynical basement mod band with pocketful of pop tune tricks The Pharmacy's "WAYDWYL" is an twisted revisiting of an AM radio chestnut with a message. Further spins though mind get the mind thinking when did Warm Jet's era Brian Eno become a member of the Reigning Sound.

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