Dec 14, 2008

Founders Harvest Ale

If there's one way to put something in a bottle that can make someone pine for the sweetest of summer day's in Michigan looks like Founders has found away to do with this brewed in autumn brewed wet hopped ale.
Sunrise orange in color and a very, very unfiltered haze in it's look. Inch thick whipped cream looking head that fades just slightly and leaving all kinds of lace all through the glass. The scent is a BAM! of very bright grapefruit placed smack dab in the middle of a pine forest. It's bursts right out of the bottle and wafts all through the room while pouring. After it settles down a little bit it takes on a more some fresh baked bread nuances. Very floral and flavorful aroma.
The smell is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to flavorful. Quite lush in it's taste. A sweet citrus burst of crisp & clean lemony tartness wakens the first. As it coats the mouth in a full but not too thick way notes of pear, spices and warm malts make their presence known but none of them pushing their way to the front screaming "Here I am" but complimenting each other in the all kinds of magic complexities that Founders has mastered. The finish is balance of fruit juicy nectar's, class A hop bitters and a spicy malt warmth. Very drinkable all the way through.


sanilac brew head said...

Did I somehow miss this when it was around or is it something brand new? All Founders are worth checking out but I haven't seen this anywhere.

carson said...


dude,you seem kinda gay for this beer