Dec 1, 2008

CRAPPY DRACULA "What's Going To Happen To US" 7inch EP and CRAPPY DRACULA/SONOROUS GALE split 7inch

Ya'll remember those classes from elementary school where if you and/or your clothes catch on fire you're suppose to stop, drop and roll? Well...somewhere wires got crossed and Milwaukee's Crappy Dracula misheard it as Flail, Flop and Freak is a way to make a musical fire out of household cleaning products.
At their best moments they are like Half Japanese tromping up a steep hill made of the slivers of old smashed up singles from the Bag of Hammers in search of a promised very cheap pharmaceutical drug dealer on the it's peak or more than too far gone Charm City Suicides psyching themselves to play a set that appeal to the the rednecks down at the bar but end up banging their heads against the wall to some scratchy Fall singles instead. If these guys get chicks it's not because their tunes are pulling them in cuz this is total nerd punk.
Sonorous Gale are a bass/drum duo from Buffalo, NY. Can't quite pin a stoner rock tag on them cuz they sound too broke to even afford no name brand beer, the amps more rattly instead off burping-n-booming and there's also a little too much pop melody trying to sneak through in their songs from time to time.

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