Dec 30, 2008

Bell's Kalamazoo Stout

It's been asked that if us here at Smashin' Transistors have some kind of attitude towards Bell's Brewery. After all we're based here in Michigan and they are too but we never seem to give much space to their beers here. Let us declare that we like 'em very much and it's nothing personal. It's just that since they are found everywhere and have established themselves with even the rare occasional dabbler in craft brews (and right so we must add cuz they are very, very good at what they do) we pass over taking about them for things that are, in this part of the state at least, more obscure and not as high profile. For Christmas a couple of people gave the gift of beer to us and there were some Bells included so it's good as a time to sit and discuss one. The Kalamazoo stout is a good as place as any.
Very dark in color. Almost black but not quite. You can't see through it-that's for sure. Half inch caramel colored head that melts away quickly leaving a cloudy cap a spotty lacing. Chocolaty malts and licorice are the prominent scents.
The flavor is slightly sweet and kinda milky when it first hits the tongue. It's followed a roasted malt warmness and a slight bit off coffee bitters. It then finishes with a complete turn around with the same characteristics that were found in the front. It's light carbonation and little less than medium body make it an easy drinker.
Bell's produce 5 different kinds of stouts throughout the four seasons. This is the only one they make year round. Fine, solid and a standard others should be measured to.


sanilac brew head said...

I like the Kzoo stout okay but their Expedition stout is supreme. A little too expensive though.

Dale said...

Expedition's are awesome but yeah a little pricey. I keep wanting to try their cherry stout but haven't for the same reason.