Dec 21, 2008

Arcadia's Coco Loco Triple Chocolate Stout & Big Dick's Old Ale

A friend of mine hooked me up with a couple of brews from Battle Creek, Michigan based brewer Arcadia's "Big Beer" series. Though sometimes Arcadia's "everyday brews" are all that to get much to get excited about I mentioned to my friend that this series has pretty impressive when he was looking for some beer recommendations for himself. Pretty thoughtful gift wouldn't you say?

Coco Loco Triple Chocolate Stout
Very dark chocolate brown in color with reddish tinted maltshop head that doesn't stay too long but leaves a healthy cap and some thick & runny lacing. Huge on the cocoa in the scent. Other aromas are of Tootsie rolls, a really warm roasty malt, more than a dash of molasses and a pinch of alcohol. The flavor and feel of this fuller end of the medium scale body wise beer is a chocolate malted. The use of lactose in the brewing process brings out a creamy quality that compliment the super huge & rich cocoa flavors melding them together nicely than just leaving each other stand apart. As it warms it does take on some bitter & dark chocolate characteristics but still has soothing texture all the way down. The aftertaste has a some warming effect from the alcohol and slight bit of a powered chocolate used in baking but has a silky feeling keeps it from lingering around too long.

Big Dick's Old Ale
Medium pour bigs out a thin head that doesn't last long and a spotty lace that sinks right back into this murky copper colored brew. The aroma is faint but what I detect is cherries, a splash of rum and raisins. There's a bit more action in the taste compared to the smell but not quite what one would expect from something that claims on the label to be a "liquid ode to Richard the Lion Heart". Y'know what I mean. Such grand statements prepare ya for something brimming with attitude in it's flavors but it almost seems that this is more talk than it is action. It's not bad though it just doesn't push it to some hearty full on floor ya type of flavorful level. Medium bodied-not too thick and not too light. Lots of malt sweetness and some dark fruit flavors on the tongue. Brown sugar notes in the back of the mouth and a bit of a brandy burn down the throat.


sanilac brew head said...

Have you tried their Shipwreck porter yet? I bought a bottle tonight and will try it over the weekend. Says it aged in 10 year year old whiskey barrels.

Dale said...

I like stouts but for some reason not all that keen on porters but have been chipping away at some Founders porters the past week or so and I have found them to be really good. I WILL give the Shipwrecks shot eventually because it is a Michigan made beer. What did you think of it?