Jan 30, 2009

Rogue Yellow Snow IPA

The other day I heard my 9 year old say "Watch out where the huskies go and don't you eat that yellow snow."
Surprised, because Frank Zappa is not something that gets played in our household very often and radio (save for the occasional spin on our local college radio station) has put him in the forgotten file I quizzically questioned "When were you listening to that song?"
"What song" he asked "My friend's grandpa always says it."
This conversation took place while I perusing the beer aisle and he was already done checking out the soda pop selection (because what's a good beer store if they don't have a good soda pop selection to go with it). He was pointing out this bottle of Rogue to me. "Dad, beer is gross anyway so who would ever drink something like that? It's probably made with dog pee" then repeated "GROSS!" to drive his point home.
When we got home the first thing he bellowed to his brother and mother "Dad bought a beer that I think is made with dog whiz! GROSS!"
So when I poured it made a big production out of it. "It doesn't look like dog pee but still..." he said before he fled the room shouting "GROSS" again as he left the kitchen and ran through the house. Rusty orange in color with a rocky two finger head from a normal pour out of this bomber. It takes a little time for it to fade down then leaves a decent cap and a good amount of thick lacing. The scent is split between warm yeasty breads and lemony hops characters.
A bitter bite of the hops is much more pronounced in the flavor. Surprising actually because they didn't seem so pronounced when giving it a whiff but that's cool with me because I prefer my IPA to have that smack. The hops here though have an odd smack which is usually no problem but the pine and lemon bitters give way to something a little too soapy tasting and boy do they ever stick to the sides & back of the mouth and down the throat. It reminds me something of a Dark Horse IPA but missing something that makes them so good and interesting. The malts get pretty lost in the proceedings because of it because of that lost of balance. The beer itself though has a nice medium body and carbonated just right which is something that Rogue always deserves kudos for. It's not as scary as drinking actual yellow snow but even as HUGE fan of big & bold IPA's there's something a little off putting here that'll probably keep me from reaching for it again.


sanilac brew head said...

Have you seen those 5 liter cans of it? I almost bought one over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

weak dissapointing shit from the same people bringing the ruckus with the great "dead guy" and "morimoto'.

i'll take an arrogant bastard or
racer 5 any day...

kopper said...

I didn't think their Dead Guy Ale was great at all. I mean, it was OK, but I doubt I'll ever buy it again. I might try this one, though, since I'm a big IPA fan anyway, just to satisfy my curiosity.

Dale said...

I'm a huge IPA fan too and I like a lot of the Rogue things. Wasn't too nuts about the Yellow Snow though.

Arrogant Bastard is awesome tasty. Haven't had a chance to try a Racer 5 yet.