Nov 8, 2008

the PLEASURE KILLS "Mission Boy" 7inch

On this, their second 7inch slab, San Francisco based the Pleasure Kills don't stray from their Blondie gets turbocharged sound and really, why should they? It works well for them.
"Mission Boy", a girl's eye view of tragical hipsters, borrows a keyboard line reminiscent of "Dreaming" but the sound is hopped a bit more. Singer Lydiot's voice has a boom to it that the majority female "new wave" singers both old and new lacks. She's not all growly but she sure can belt and doesn't fall back on that squeaky/breathy/yelping thing too much like a lot of the others do. The guitars tick/tock then bite when they need to while the solo's pay a nod to the Johnny Thunders blare with a bit more flash (but not in that "Les Paul through a Marshall so look at me" gutter geetar hero flash thing which is breath of fresh air in such guitar solo situations). Side two's "Picture's On The Floor" could be dropped in to replace a tune that clearance couldn't be made for on a cable re-run of "Valley Girl" and no one would notice a difference. Yep. They nail the sound well.

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