Nov 12, 2008

the LIVE ONES "Dirtweed" 7inch

Can't say I've kept track on how many times I've walked into a place promising live music in this stupid county then thought "Uhh. It's a bunch of old guys" when the band started to play. The thing is nowadays those "old guys" seem to be around my age. Usually they're embarrassing themselves though by playing really hack versions of current hack AOR and Young Country hits but "Hey dude. Getting paid" or thinking they're pure by playing what they think is the blues ie: Stevie Ray Vaughan and...well, Stevie Ray Vaughan. It makes ya wonder if they even care then ask yourself where's the old guys that who still get off cranking it some songs the wrote up in a neighborhood dive bar. That is unless you walk the same streets in a place where the Live Ones do.
"Dirtweed" is a 3 chord street walking bailed up in Stooges tested/Ramones approved twine vibe with cranky & somewhat disturbed singing. "Don't Look Down" sounds like Danzing if the Misfits didn't break up but he led them into the Evil Elvis thing he completely transformed into on his first couple of solo albums.


greg said...

old man punk rules!

carson said...

Skullets not playing jazz?