Nov 28, 2008


Playing the blues is a tricky thing these days. All the old guys are gone (or probably only have a few years in 'em) and then there those jokers that claim they are keeping it alive but then namecheck Clapton and SRV. A bunch of clowns in cargo pants, pastel colors and some asshole wearing John Lennon sunglasses at night ain't doing nothing to keep it breathing no matter how many times they tell themselves (in an old bluesman's voice of course) "The blues are in everybody." Oh, what's a whiteboy to do?
There is of course the "punk blues" thing but ain't just really rock-n-roll? The SRV and Hendrix corpse humpers aren't down with all that. "That ain't the blues." they'll tell ya then go off into a 20 minute version of "Sweet Home Chicago" (replacing Chicago with whatever suburb they are that evening and doing some retarded ass Frampton squawk box BS of course). "The blues are about soul. You can give it an hard rock edge but you have to do it with respect. Y'know like that tune U2 did with B.B. King"
Yep. I've had many a talk with local guitar legends...You know the one's. There's always a couple even in small towns. It's funny to tell then that you play in a blues-rock band but watch them head for the door by the second song. Shakin' their head in shame because they know there's no way the band's gonna play a cover of "Tuff Enuff". They're also the same guys that couldn't get into the jukejoint bluesmen that Fat Possum, which is the label that put this record out, released because...well, none of those guys were going to cover "Tuff Enuff" either.
Can't say that's highly likely that Oxford, MS inhabitant Mr. Barrett and his evil bass drum whips out the tune in a encore but you're not going to confuse this with some lost Junior Kimbrough tracks though either. Post White Stripes/Black Keys stripped down rock-blues in a one take/one mic/one man band situation. Swampy, stompy (but not all blown out sounding for a change) stuff powered by a bright Telecaster twang and of course, a bass drum of death (which sounds like a normal bass drum actually).

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