Nov 20, 2008

JAIL "Pardono" 7inch

If you've taken a shine to that folksy-pop that Wisconsin bands like the Goodnight Loving, Midwest Beat and the late, great JukeBoyds (members of the latter are part of the formers) have done so well-it would a wise bet to track down this record, the debut single, from Milwaukee's Jail. Hell, even a former and a current member of Goodnight Loving (one of them who just happens to be once a JukeBoyd) are in this band.
"Pardono" has swirly country road psych ambiance piled on top of those shambling Midwest rockers that bands like the Replacements made in cold winter practice spots decades ago.
On side two's "Always Wrong" hits a place somewhere like a neighborhood Redd Kross would've lived 6 months before they recorded Nuerotica. Boyce & Hart live next door to them and the Embarrassment rent the house across the street. Mitch Easter manages the convenience store a couple of blocks away and sells specials potions he keeps under the counter to all of them when they come to get smokes and candy.

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