Nov 3, 2008

HUNX "Good Kisser" 7inch

If provocateur and friend of Tina "Boom Boom" Lucchesi Hunx was around in say 1972 the whole glitter rock thing (at least in the US) might have taken a different turn. Because of Hunx starpower Led Zep would've never take up all the table's at Bingenheimer's English Disco and if they did a piece of useless Psychical Graffiti trivial would be that "Sick Again" was written about 14 year old boys, Bowie and Bolan would've grown lumberjack beards (because Hunx already cornered the market on rockin' the cop mustache) and started lifting weights and Iggy would've accepted that bus ticket from his parents to come back home to Ypsilanti and learn to be an Optometrist. What other choice would they have? They'd have been out swaggered, out posed and out fruited.
Anchored by a stadium stamping & hip shakin' beat ala something that's really tough to do unless you're someone like the Sweet or Gary
Glitter and a post bubblegum/pre-punk guitar sounds that sounds like it made be pushed through an speaker made of lighter fluid soaked cardboard a party starts (courtesy of his Punx???) that gonna make you giggle & digging a good time, feel uncomfortable & split for the door or wanting to claw some other queen's eyes out. Hunx reedy and nasally voice taunts all the girls who's boyfriends getting stolen as he sashays in the most flamboyant of ways through a land where the Beach Boys Wilson's and Brothers Mael collaborated on a new national anthem (heavy on the girly backing vocals) and the speech the president read announced the news was written by the country's most recently named poet laureate Rip Taylor.


carson said...

in some places Eminems cleaning up my closet is a secret gay club anthem

Dale said...

I don't know if I want to ask how you know such a thing