Nov 7, 2008

Great Lakes Nosferatu Ale

It's only appropriate that a beer named after a legendary vampire would have a reddish tint to it. No, this beer isn't bloody looking or anything but it is sharp clear red in color. Once inch head that fades a bit but still sticks around pretty healthily and all kinds of thick lacing all the way through. Aroma's are subtle here. A bit of hops, a strawberry tinge and dark malts are what my this nose is noticing.
The flavors in the brew itself are much more pronounced than they are in the scent. There's a huge malt sweetness up front then a ESB like bitterness shows up soon afterwards with more that a dint of alcohol hotness in the end. Firm, creamy body but overall though not a whole lot of complexities and something seems just not there. Maybe it's the weird spicy bitters characteristics that stick around too much that are leaving me a little put off. The remaining 3 of this 4-pack will eventually be finished and though it won't prevent me from trying other Great Lakes makes (cuz I've been impressed with some of the other random samplings I've tried) but I'm just not feeling this one.


sanilac brew head said...

It was cool meeting you guys last night. I liked the Nosferatu. That Christmas ale is really good too

Dale said...

The people I was hanging out with that night liked the Nosferatu as well. It's strange cuz I'm usually about the hops but for some reason it didn't strike my fancy. Maybe it's the kind of hop they used.

Yeah, The Christmas was pretty kicks ass. Hopefully there'll be some bottles of it available around here soon cuz the better half is interested in trying it (or we'll have to trek up to Lex sometime this holiday season)

carson said...

is the Xmas ale available in a bottle?

sanilac brew head said...

I haven't seen it in a bottle myself yet either but maybe Dale has. I was told that the Vintage in Port Huron has it on draft.

Dale-how well are you connected with the Smackwater people in Lexington. You should talk them into selling some Founders and having them do a beer tasting up there next.

Dale said...

I have a friend who works @ Smackwater but the owner is the one who makes the decisions. I think sometimes he believes more what is pitched to him as far as beer and spirits are concerned than seeking & finding out for himself. I mean, c'mon, he actually said that some Breckenridge brew was one of the best out there and it's common knowledge that Breckenridge is average at best. It would be excellent if he did introduce himself to Founders and started selling some of their stuff but it's his decision not mine.

I haven't seen the GL Xmas ale in a bottle yet and neither have the beer vendors I frequent so far. It is the best Christmas ale I've tried so far. I did take notes for a review but lost them. I was told that the Vintage in Port Huron has it on tap too though so I might mosey over there soon to refamiliarize with the stuff (or trek up to Lex again soon)