Nov 22, 2008

The Flips 45 soon to be out on Bancroft Records (Pre-order NOW!!!!)

Band bio from their myspace page
The Flips formed from an idea born of Natalie Clark (of Tuff Bananas, The Tears) and Wendy Norton (of Plexi 3, Plastic Pets, Monitors, Kryptonite Records, Search and Annoy Zine, Lookers) at a Halloween party, October of 2007. What started as an idea for a recording project quickly morphed into a "real band" after Wendy and Natalie exchanged 4 track demo recordings of their song ideas. "This collaboration between Natalie and I was long overdue," Says Wendy, "And I could tell as soon as we started working together that this would be a really fun group. Our songs are so catchy, simple, and honest. We have a really great dynamic!" Wendy and Natalie scouted Milwaukee for it's hottest girl talent, recruiting the very talented vocalist Betsy Borst (Sugar Stems) as their lead singer, esteemed percussionist Feraim Albano (of The Riveters, My Underwear) on drums, impresario pianist Fran Switalski (formerly of Plexi 3, Jane Doe and The Cop Haters) to play Wurlitzer, and local punk babe Steph Swinney (Goibbledoimbs, Nice Outfit, Sugar Stems) on bass guitar.

Pre-order your copy of it NOW!!!! Release date late Dec./early Jan. The first 100 pre-orders will get a special prize along with the record too.

In the US & Canada paypal $6.25
The rest of the world paypal $8.00

The Flips

Email smashintransistors (at) for the price on multiple copies and distro's get in touch too.

Bancroft also has a scant few copies of the Goodnight Loving record we put out earlier in the year (as well as a couple stragglers of the Mystery Girls and Real Losers singles we did but sorry Black Time, Jack Oblivian's Tearjerkers, the Catholic Boys and the Tears records are all long gone so don't even ask)...Use same pricing as above to get it.


carlo(ad)s said...

will this be the first bancroft release to actually come out on time?

Dale said...

It appears so...don't want to curse it though (as I had that problem in the past)

An Invisible Friend said...

So when is it out ... ?

Dale said...

Pressing plant said they should be here "soon". The also told me that almost two weeks ago too.

Bear with me. I'm even more annoyed waiting for it as you all are.

Dale said...

Packing up boatloads of them today to be mailed out. Everyone that pre-ordered should be getting them very, very soon. Watch for it in your mail box.