Nov 6, 2008

El JESUS de MAGICO "Unclean Ghosts" 7inch

A fuzzy two note buzz starts off a-side's "Unclean Ghost". A mesmeric boom bop beat then joins in giving signals for an Eno in the most turbulent of moods keyboard drone to meld into the sound. By the time the glassy splashes of guitar and haunting heavy echo chambered vocals come in you are already in a stupefacient daze...eyes closed (cuz they're rolled in the back of the head) with yr head swaying back to forth. Simplicity like the lure of one of those good Wire songs uses, the missing things that have puzzled me when I meet people who claim to be Discordians but haven't ever heard of Hawkwind and a part where the could've let doves out of a box but they end up being rats. No one notices the punctured skin/bite marks until a day or two later. By then it's gonna take much, much more than iodine and calamine to treat it.
All kinds of hell breaks loose when you flip it over for "Pirate Utopia". Stand back cuz they're gonna start a fire of metallic (but not METAL) grind voodoo played on a guitar that was being used as an oil drip pan underneath a bl
ock of a greasy old real engines that were made to be worked on in your driveway. Sparks fly & skulls break from the smack! pound! smack! pound! If you listen very closely rumor has it that you can hear Gibby Haynes & Peter Cushing arguing over who get's to play the lead in the movie based on the songs El Jesus de Magico write.

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