Oct 10, 2008

ZOLA JESUS "Souer Sewer" 7inch

When's the last time where you've heard a song for the first time and the words "haunting" quickly pop's into your head?
Part sounding like girl locked away in an ivory tower with nothing but a piano to keep her company and part unpleasant dreams that go with being kept in such a situation "Soeur Sewer", side one's tune from this latest single by Madison, Wisconsin based Zola Jesus, sends all kinds of chills up this writer's spine.
Some type of mechanical hum lays a rhythm beneath a hypnotic 3 note patterns where Ms. Zola lays a plenty of layers of white girl with a actual serious scorched soul type shouting & Siouxie-like banshee wails before it all teeters into a stinging pool of of electronic hiss.
Flip it over and you find eBay heroes like Blank Dogs and TV Ghost pining over the lady in the corner who they can't seem to catch the eye of because she's got it all figured out and can do a spooky & noisy erotic type thing while she sleepwalks than they can after a week studying Serge Gainsbourg albums.

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