Oct 15, 2008

SWEET FACES "On Top Of That Girl" 7inch EP

Brian of the Fevers heads up this trio and like them the Sweet Faces deal up a tackle box fulla hooks in a power-popish vein. Unlike the Fevers though, who have a glossier sheen on their finished product, the 4 tunes here were recorded while gallivanting around Holland and have more of an stripped down immediateness to 'em.
Cool little descending guitar licks sandwiched between and or piled on top loud power chords, the occasional new wavy keyboard flourish here & there as well as choruses that nod to a billion catchy ones that have proceeded it. It's as if they took the sound from something like a Raspberries demo if Cheap Trick stole it from the Sweet's tour bus and that, my friend, is a good thing.

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