Oct 7, 2008

the STRANGE BOYS "Woe Is Me and You" 7inch

"Woe Is Me and You" is the sound of the moments right before you rub the sleep out of your eyes. The band's slumberous psych-folk hazy daze before the cobwebs get shook lose from the noggin'. When singer Ryan opens his mouth his melancholy slacker croon & squeak sounds as if it's being awoken directly out of REM sleep. And what was he dreaming about? Something that everyone with everyday problems can deal with (especially in these problematic times). Are the dreams in color? Judging from a sound that corners Syd Barrett abstractness in a basement of dingy audio aesthetics it's only safe to guess if they do it switches between washed out tones and smeared vibrancy. Their take on the standard "Baby, Please Dont Go" is far from the standard rock workout that has been crammed down throats and ingrained in many of a mind thanks to the familiar takes by Them and the Amboy Dukes for the last 100 years with their woozy and somnambulistic rendition of it.

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